Milan / Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 Menswear

A chrysalis transformed into a butterfly. A nod to the butterfly cage installed for the fashion show, Daniele Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli's son, now stands on his own two feet and alone provides the menswear collections. Whether by chance or coincidence, the graceful insect is the starting point for this collection. The silhouette is slender and structured, with particular attention paid to square-shouldered jackets. The metallic shine, in small touches or omnipresent all the way to the tips of the boots, we are at Roberto Cavalli after all, brings a glam rock dimension. As do the butterfly inspired printed patterns which required meticulous research work. Daniele Cavalli finds his feet in continuity.

Daniele Cavalli : For me the most important thing was the silhouette, the cut of all the silhouettes, so starting from the really square jacket, then the really comfortable fabric, and then the really comfortable cut that gives this soft feeling, and then very tight pants, finishing with the point of the metal boots. All the silhouettes were a study of architecture for me. The other theme of the collection was light as an electric explosion, so starting with metal leather piping and finishing with an entirely embroidered metal leather jacket and metal leather shoes. So light was a character of this collection for sure.
I discovered an entire wonderful world inside a little, tiny butterfly. I discovered that this wonderful design was made by thousands of scales, so I had this big challenge to be able to make a picture of the scales, to be able to make it big for a jacket, so it was really intense work. Also because after that, I took the skeleton of the butterfly and adapted it to the new silhouettes as you saw in the show, so I have to tell you we didn't get much sleep for many nights!

Music from fashion show

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