Paris / Christian Lacroix Spring /Summer 2013 Menswear

Sacha Walckhoff, former right hand of Christian Lacroix in charge of menswear since the departure of its founder, presented his new version of the Lacroix man for the summer of 2013 in the heart of Paris. A more personal collection but one that doesn't completely deny the label's DNA, particularly through the colorful prints on kimono t-shirts that refer to the south, or through the cross worked in a more graphic way on a white popeline shirt. A work equally based around straps for a raincoat in gabardine or suit jackets. The wardrobe is completed with a windbreaker in technical fabric, a sleeveless jacket in quadrille cotton, and a perfecto or pea coat in canvas tarpaulin. The reconstruction of the label continues with the latest opening of a shop in the French capital.

Sacha Walckhoff : In fact, last year in Venice Beach, I came across a boy who painted skateboards and sold them. And next to his skateboards, there was a little booklet that he had made himself, with collages and bits and bobs in it. And I became interested in that, I started looking through it, and in fact it became a strong inspiration for this season. That is, this boy who is a surfer, a skateboarder and an artist all at the same time. So this was something that really excited me.
This story of the beach, the sun, the water comes about very easily. The ocean and the sun represents different colors like yellow, and blue, which are colors from the city Arles in the south of France. So here, I referred back to the house's roots. I wanted something fairly easy and stress free. It's now been two and a half years that we've been working relentlessly in order to revive this house.
It seems to be working, we just opened a shop 3 weeks ago in Paris, so I'm really happy. I've noticed that we have new, maybe slightly younger consumers, who are interested in what we do, so I wanted to do an easier collection for them.
I wanted new strong visuals which are of course very Lacroix, but I still wanted there to be a color that is much less historical and more contemporary and much more energetic too.
For two years we have been working very hard because we were afraid of having to close the house. But today, we feel that it has improved. So actually, this is a collection that is full of joy and one that expresses our happiness to still be here today.

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