Chanel Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Haute Couture show

To cross the Grand Palais on a path lined with white camellias, and arrive in some salons with white cane armchairs and tables: it is always a buzz to attend a Chanel collection. For Autumn / Winter 2012/13, Karl Lagerfeld opened the fashion show with the very famous and unique Chanel tweeds. Followed by embroidered coats and coat-dresses. The `flattering' pink appears to be Karl's favourite colour. The evening wear is `casual' with long pastel-coloured dresses, high waisted pants paired with blouses in organdie and chiffon. To warm things up, small bolero jackets or sleeveless coats are added to the outfits. The bride, "la choupette" (the sweetie) as Karl refers to her, with her cloak of white feathers, is a feline look of his new love, his kitten.

Music : from fashion show

Karl Lagerfeld: I wanted it to be anti red carpet, I wanted something with a modern elegance, casual, where girls can move as if they were in their jeans, but they're not in their jeans. That's why I call it 'new vintage', because it has nothing to do with the old fashioned part of the mind, but it's adapted for the attitude of today. Such as these embroidered coats, instead of fur coats but the difference is even more expensive...

I like the look of evening dresses that are not pretentious, as women used to wear when they went out for dinner ... this is not the 'red carpet' of today, because you know that in couture, if you show a dress to a client that a woman has already worn on a 'red carpet', she will cancel it out in a second ....

Milla Jovovich: I thought it was spectacular, what I loved about it too was that its very wearable, I mean for couture, I mean the last piece was very over-the-top and beautiful wedding dress but all those high-waisted trousers, the coats, the blouses, I loved all the mixture of fabrics, the mohair with the silk, it was so beautiful, so I'm in love.

Lou Doillon: From a far and not being so professional, I felt that all these pastel colors are for me the colours of Chanel, in my subconscious and in very soft materials, and after all these unheard of details, I love the return of the leather sleeves, I also adored the high-waisted pants they were beautiful and I now really want to get married !

Music : from fashion show

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