Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Haute Couture show

Riccardo Tisci for several seasons prefers a private presentation in a salon to a fashion show, thereby allowing the latest couture creations by the artistic director of Givenchy to be admired close up. Here we find the true spirit of Tisci; his attention to detail and perfection: leather fringes have been molded directly on the chest, hand-strung pearls, all whilst admiring the remarkable work of the ateliers. A gypsy inspiration but also a return to the 60s - the golden age of the founder, Hubert de Givenchy and of course Italian touches, related to his homeland ... The references cross over and the various ways in which to read it increase. Not to mention the accessories such as thigh high boots laced-up or masked sunglasses, adding a whimsical but nonetheless sublime element to the outfits.

Music : artist, Sebastien Tellier;; album, my God is blue;; title, against the law;; ref, Polydon

Dauer: 00:01:44

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