Gaultier Paris Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Haute Couture show

Jean Paul Gaultier has the rare ability to continuously surprise. A game of deconstructions, wires or cages which are so dear to his heart find new expression through the androgyny of a decadent dandy or an Art deco robot. At first, inspired by the movie `Confession of a Child of the Century' with Pete Doherty a young hero both romantic and tragic of the 19th century, the couturier carries out with enthusiasm his favourite game of misappropriation. The tailcoat becomes a trench coat, perfected in crocodile with a removable tail or woolen micro-waistcoat. The bra becomes a tailcoat while the pants are made in devore lurex hairnets with large black python seams. From the transparencies which become increasingly present in the second part to the colours and Art Deco motifs. Inspired by the film `Metropolis', there are dress fronts with shagreen inlays or encrusted bustier cages in patent leather and kimono robes adorned in shades of yellow, turquoise or olive and metal beads. Neither a novelist, a filmmaker or even a mad scientist, but perhaps all three at the same time, Jean Paul Gaultier proves, once again, that he is above all genius couturier.

Jean Paul Gaultier : The first part, is all black and it revolves around the tailcoat and the tuxedo which `juggle' their own deconstruction, cut like a scalpel, from all sides. It's a job I had done in small steps before, but here, it is completely revised, and compared with androgyny.
Going to Cannes, it was very inspiring, but it was not a film from the selection that inspired me there, but a film from `Un Certain Regard' selection, the film is called `Confession of a Child of the Century' in which Pete Doherty plays and is an extraordinary character. I was there, watching on the one hand his elegance with nineteenth century tailcoats, things like that ... scarves knotted around his neck, and him, with a side which is at once casual and yet also terribly elegant and charming and all of a sudden I saw his resemblance to Erin O'Connor.
I told myself that it's the twin brother of Erin O'Connor, and suddenly Erin was there, and there we go! She portrays the character. So therefore the woman is treated like a dandy with this influence, so therefore for this part we have all the tailcoats, tuxedos, also transparencies, androgyny with transparencies that reveal what we do not expect to see or what we should see, and on another side ... therefore that which is against Metropolis, it's almost futuristic, a little art deco, constructivist, therefore a geometric side structured with wires.

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