Makeup Trends for the Summer of 2012

The summer of 2012 marks the return of color and shine for a fresh and healthy glow effect, fit for sunny days. For those who dare, the palette is available in coral, pink, blue or purple. The famous soft color nude becomes slightly bronzed and glamorously glossy. Two trends, demonstrated with plenty of colors by Olivier Echaudemaison, the artistic director of Guerlain.

Olivier Echaudemaison : There will still be lots of colors this summer, in makeup for the eyes and lips. It's really the return of orangey colors like coral, which are colors that we haven't seen for a long time in makeup. There are plenty of pinks, pink is a true classic anywhere, but striking pinks. There is a lot of shine, especially on the eyelids, the cheekbones, and on the lips. However, you can have a very strong color on your lips one day, like pink, orange, blue, why not blue if it amuses you, unexpected colors and then nothing the next day.
The second step, color on the eyelids. This step is a little more artistic because it's about your gaze. So you must modulate it because her eyes, which are pretty when they're bare, should look even prettier with makeup.
What's striking is the difference between very colorful makeup, a cheerful woman and a very simple woman. These are the two strong trends.
You should enhance and accentuate your natural complexion, making it a lightly golden skin tone. And I must say that straight away women feel great with a golden complexion. Hence the success of Guerlain's Terracotta, it's this obvious and easy healthy glow. That's Terracotta, and this is a more colored version of what we call nude. This version is lightly shaded and colored, but soft enough to seem natural, or almost natural, but not artificially made up.

You know, makeup is great for the personality, but also for the morale.

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