Yohji Yamamoto rewarded. Introspection on 40 Years of Creation

At the 27th Hyères Festival, where he was president of the jury, Yohji Yamamoto talks intimately to Paris Modes about his life, his work and his future.

Yohji Yamamoto : It's by coincidence that when I recieved the culture award from the French Culture Minister, at the same time Mr Jean Paul Blanc got a prize and from that moment we became friends.
It's the highest honor for the culture so I took it as a suggestion to retire! I'm always thinking should I stop or should I continue. Day by day, I change my mind. But I continue because at the end of the day I love making clothes. I don't care about fashion, I don't care about trends but in the office when I'm making clothes, I feel happy. That's it. It's not like meditation for me; it's just the most relaxing time. So I became a dress making animal! My body reacts. I enjoy designing for men because I'm a man and I can design joyful clothing for my friends. But for women, I become rather serious because of my private past. I was the only son of a war widow so I was educated by an extremely hard working mother, she did it for of me. It was too rough, and for me it was a kind of domestic violence, it was too much. So I started hating women, but basically I love woman, so naturally I become serious.

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