Yohji Yamamoto, his dream : to match Picasso!

At the 27th Hyères Festival, where he was president of the jury, Yohji Yamamoto talks intimately to Paris Modes about his life, his work and his future.

Yohji Yamamoto, his dream : to match Picasso!
Recently I've started painting and drawing which has been my dream since I was a kid, and now when I have time, I go to my painting studio alone - it's very nice to be alone when I paint and draw. My rival is Picasso! It will be like in fashion because especially painting with oil, it's very complicated.
Music, yes I play the guitar but I have to practice more because like for any musician, the technique should be practiced every day, so I have to start this again.

Yohji Yamamoto and the burden of duty

I prefer staying in Paris because it means I can be far from my family matters. But I'm the leader of my family, not that I want to be, but it's my duty. So it's hard work keeping all the family happy so sometimes I say : That's enough! Give me time. Give me a break!
Escaping is my dream.

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