Brazil fashion week : Reality Project fashion show

During the Brazilian fashion week, the focus was on a great initiative and an intelligent approach. Jum Nakao, the director of "Reality Project", set up an ephemeral atelier that aims to create a collection during the 5 days of the "Dragao fashion week" in Fortaleza, with the help of teachers, students and artisans. A performance that ends in a breathtaking show, with `made in Brazil' materials and expertise.

Jum Nakao : In this project we are connecting Brazilian artisanal knowledge. Here we have many professionals, craftsmen, students of all ages working all together. This is not a competition show, this is not a competition program, this is team work.
The principle and the concept is how to work, how to bring across a new point of view and how to show pride in this culture. Because as a new country in the world, and most of the new countries were ex-colonies, people used to look at it from the outside but never from the inside.
Most of the fabrics are handmade, like knitting, leather cutting and we have some plain fabrics that are raw materials and we are using artisanal techniques.

Music-artist : Asa / album : Beautiful Imperfection / title : Maybe / ref : Naive

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