Brazil fashion week : Young Designers

The "Drageo Fashion Week" which took place in Fortaleza, northeastern Brazil, highlighted the work of a whole new generation of designers through a competition that brought together eight fashion schools. Even though they aren't as famous as the French, English or American institutions, they certainly didn't let themselves down, on the contrary, the proof is in the pudding!
References to multiple cultures were exploited with leather and fringes, plastron jewellery and Aztec motifs.

The students also referred to the tribal culture of the Karaja natives...

Denim is reinterpreted in petticoat shapes.

Long draped dresses, lacing, pompom additions and crochet dresses. The students exploit their country's savoir-faire.

And the winning school of this competition is "Santa Marcellina" of Sao Paulo, who worked on the reinterpretation of native tattoos, which are even found on sandals with wooden soles.

Music from the fashion show

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