Exhibition Event : Stars in Dior

While the 65th Cannes Film Festival opens its doors, the seventh art is honored at the Musée Christian Dior in Granville!
From a bird's eye view, the Christian Dior house separates itself from the Granville cliff, with its belle époque style, its pink harling and its English garden. Now a museum, it houses the stylistic legacy of the star couturier of the 50s. And until the 23rd of September 2012, it showcases the seventh art, paying tribute to the ties between movie stars and the Dior fashion house through an exhibition and a book called "Stars in Dior". Meet Florence Müller, the curator of the exhibition ...

Stars in Dior Exhibition:
Musée Christian Dior
The villa "Les Rhums" Route d'Estouville -50400 Granville

Florence Müller : The relationship between Dior and cinema goes back a long way because he started making costumes for films several years before he launched his own fashion house. Between 1942 and 1947, he signed about eight films before opening the fashion house.
There are different levels to this relationship. It can be a star who refuses to wear anything but Dior in a production, this is the theme that is shown in the next-door room - Marlene Dietrich only wearing Christian Dior in Hitchcock's `Alibi Me'. After that, perhaps a production company that is looking for a collaboration with Dior in order to give a certain light to a film that is based in Paris, in order to characterize the luxurious fashion capital in an even more obvious way than just using the Eiffel Tower. The collaboration between Dior and cinema created an impact for both the film and the fashion house, and often, for the film first.
We have a selection of about twenty-five films of extracts corresponding to the costumes that are exhibited, allowing us to understand how the costume is really an important element of any mise en scène or script, and it also helps the actor go into character as well as allowing us to identify with that character.
The last part of the exhibition highlights a more recent period, and focuses more specifically on three interesting aspects, the famous red carpet phenomenon, a phenomenon that I find interesting because nowadays there are no longer as many opportunities to wear the big evening dresses that are seen on the catwalks, and it also evokes another interesting aspect, the collaboration with big directors for the short film adverts.

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