Courrèges returns to the future !

Recovered a year ago by a publicity duo, the label Courrèges resurfaces in the fashion world. Voluntarily put into hibernation in 1997 by André and Coqueline Courrèges, the sleeping beauty
rediscovers colors and its media attraction. Longtime ahead of its time, the label's make-over is based on its past with iconic pieces such as the miniskirt, the a-line dress and the vinyl jacket. Don't miss their new fragrance in early June, their range of glasses and why not Coqueline's dream come true: the democratization of the electric car!

Jacques Bungert and Fréféric Torloting : It's Coqueline Courrèges who initiated this encounter. It all started when we wrote an article in Madame Figaro with Jacques, and Coqueline Courrèges found it interesting and wanted to meet us. And this meeting corresponded to our project which was to buy a company.
I think that not coming from this world of fashion was also an interesting approach for her and in relation to the vision she had of the transmission, because that's what it is, a transmission. For the time being, we are currently laying down the foundations, focusing on what composes this brand, and making people aware of it again. This is rather easy to do in France because it's already very present, but internationally.that's another story.
We are putting the iconic perfumes of the house "Empreinte" and "Eau de Courrèges" back on the market, as well as a new fragrance called "Blanc". We received a lot mail everyday from consumers who wanted to buy "Empreinte" and "Eau de Courrèges". It has been 10 years since they were last seen on the shelves.
We don't purely work by season, nor by collection because we function like a design house. So we develop products and these products come out when they are ready. The brand is strong enough and the world of fashion clear enough to attract the best talent from the outside. So nowadays, innovation is obtained by mixing and blending skills. And so through its design atelier, Courrèges should be able to do the same. It's a creative platform. For us, this style has a huge sustainability. It isn't at all common and is a tremendous asset that we want to keep.
The objectives are fairly simple because they are above all content value objectives. So the idea is, in five, ten or even twenty years, to end up where the company was just twenty years ago. In other words, in the Top Five of all French major international brands.

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